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Teaching Safety is my aim - by a woman for women - One on one Coaching

Who am I and why do I teach?

My father always had guns around, but I never really knew anything about them.  My dad would take me to the range, hand me a loaded gun, I would shoot some targets, then hand it back to him.  This only happened  a handful of times.  I never knew how to load or unload a gun.  

When I met my husband in college, he had a pistol permit so I decided to get one too.  Funny thing was we rarely went shooting and when we did, it was pretty much the same thing.  He would hand me a gun, I would shoot, and then I would hand it back to him.  

In 2007 we moved and my pistol permit expired to the point that I needed to take the class over again.  I was all excited because this was going to be my first real class and I couldn’t wait!  When I got there I had such high hopes that now I was really going to learn all about guns and everything I needed to know.  Eight hours later, I left with the feeling of, “That’s it?”  I passed the class, I shot my targets, but I didn’t really feel any more confident than before.  

In 2010, my husband started traveling for work and I found myself home alone with two small children.  I knew I didn’t want to become the statistic of people who harm themselves with their own firearms.  I knew I wanted more training.  I started searching for some kind of basic pistol courses in the area.  All I could find were full weekend or full week classes that I would need to travel too, that were hundreds of dollars.  I also wasn’t sure if I even met the basic skills needed to attend one of these courses.  At A Great Start Shooting School I look to give you a place to start to build your confidence and open the possibilities to you.

I still remember that first time of being able to pack my own bag and head to the range.  I was so excited and confident!  I want to share that feeling with everyone that wants to learn.  I want to let other people learn that confidence that comes with mastering another skill.  I have been learning and training ever since!  One of the best things about training is that if I don’t know the answer you are looking for, I probably know someone who does.

My name is Brooke Cheney and I am a NRA Instructor, a competitive shooter, safety officer, and a perpetual student.  

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