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A Great Start Shooting School

Teaching Safety is my aim - by a woman for women - One on one Coaching

A Great Start Shooting School offers classes custom fit, just for you.
Online scheduling must be a minimum of 24 hours in advance.
If you are looking for a class today, please contact me directly 860-506-7901.

 Pistol Permit Class - This class follows a standard curriculum that is required by the State of Connecticut to obtain your pistol permit.  It covers basic knowledge of pistols, ammunition types, operation, proper handling and cleaning. We will spend 4-6 hours in the classroom and 2-3 hours on the range. Classes are scheduled for 8 hours. 
Private  Private one on one pistol class, 8 hours of instruction, the class will be run according to your needs and schedule, a $520 value for $250
Basic  Group class for up to four students. You can be added to an existing class or we will create one for you that others can join. $150

Stay Safe in Your Own Home (Non-Shooting) - This classroom-only program is for anyone who has a firearm in their home but isn't interested in shooting. We will cover safe handling of the firearm, including how to determine if the firearm is loaded and how to unload it. We will be working with dummy ammunition, safe non-firing ammunition, that will allow you to practice the skills you need to work with live ammo. Cost $45 for 1 hour

Intro to gun handling and shooting This is an hour and a half long course that will help you learn how to safely handle a firearm. It teaches you the safety mechanisms, how to load, unload, and handle a gun safely.  This class is both classroom and range time.  20 rounds of ammunition and firearm use are included in the price. Cost $85

Introduction to action shooting sports Action shooting sports allow you to shoot and move. They are very fun and are why I practice.  Check out some of the information on the web sites to see if this is something you would like to try: IDPA or USPSA.  For this class we will be going through simple courses of fire.  You need to be comfortable shooting 9mm or larger calibers.  You will need an outside the waistband holster for your gun, on the belt magazine pouch, and at least two magazines (3 magazines are better). $65 for an hour.  Plan on 75 to 100 rounds of ammunition.  Smith&Wesson M&P 9mm Pro is available for rental with holster and magazine pouch provided if needed $20 per session.

Find your perfect gun - This class is for new pistol permit holders or shoppers who want to figure out what their "next" gun will be.  5 rounds of ammo per firearm is included in this "try it before you buy it" course.  During the class we will be cataloging what you like and what you don't like about each gun. Guns range from pocket carry guns to full size target guns. Cost $85 1.5 hours all inclusive ammo and firearms.

Private, Individualized Training - Appropriate for all levels of shooters, we offer one-on-one instruction in 60 minute increments. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you meet your firearms goals. 
$65 for 1 hour $95 for 1 1/2 hours.  Packages available: 5 lesson package $275 ($50 savings) 10 Lesson package $500 ($150 savings) You have 12 months to take the lessons in your package.

IPDA Classic OR 5x5 classifiers offered by appointment. Time 60 minutes.  $40 per person 1st gun, $5 any additional gun(s). Up to 4 people per hour with the 5x5.  2 people per hour with the Classic. 

Action Shooting Practice- This is a 2 hour group training session. We will start each session with Skill Drills - Draws, single handed shooting, bill drills and the like. All shooters should bring a log book as you will be timed for all skills. We will run one shooter at a time. Everyone will be taping and helping reset. We will using IDPA/USPSA and steel targets.  Cost $40