A Great Start Shooting School

Teaching Safety is my aim - One on one Coaching or small group classes - Pistol Permit Class

Want to learn about handgun safety, but not ready for the range?  We have options for you.

​Stay Safe in Your Own Home (Non-Shooting) - This classroom-only program is for anyone who has a firearm in their home but isn't interested in shooting. We will cover safe handling of the firearm, including how to determine if the firearm is loaded and how to unload it. We will be working with dummy ammunition, safe non-firing ammunition, that will allow you to practice the skills you need to work with live ammo. Cost $45 for 1 hour​

Dry fire Practice and Training Plan
1 hour @ $45.00

Dry fire is a method for developing your skill with firearms by manipulating a firearm without live ammunition.

You have heard about dry fire practice, but you don't know where to start? This is the class for you. We will go over how to dry fire, learn how to decide the best place to do it is, and more. You will leave with a plan on how to get a solid dry fire practice going,

Ready to bring your competition game to the next level?  Dry fire is the way all the PROs made it to where they are.