Q. Do you teach men? 

A. Yes, I teach men.  I teach all who are willing to learn.

Q. Do I need a permit to learn how to shoot?

A. No.  I suggest that people try it out before they get their permit to make sure they like it and are comfortable with firearms.

Q. How old do I need to be to take lessons? OR How old do my kids need to be to take lessons?

A. People can be taught safety at any age.  You need to be old enough to listen to and follow directions.  There are kids who start competing as young as 5 or 6 years old.  As the parent you need to decide when your child is ready.

Q. Where are you?

A. The private range is located at 144 Mansfield Road Harwinton CT.  You must have an appointment to use the range or classroom.

Q. Can I buy range time to just shoot?

A. No, this is a teaching only range.  If you are on the range, I must be there too.

Q. How do I get my pistol permit?

A. You need to start at your local police department or town hall.  You ask for the pistol permit paperwork. They should provide an outline of the costs and paperwork needed.  The process is slightly different in each city/town.  I always suggest that people pick this up before class so I can help with any questions you might have.  The safety class you take from me is just one of the steps. Another resource I use for CT permit questions is ctpistolpermitissues.com

Any other Questions???

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