A Great Start Shooting School

Teaching Safety is my aim - One on one Coaching or small group classes - Pistol Permit Class

Introduction to action shooting sports Action shooting sports allow you to shoot and move. They are very fun and are why I practice.  Check out some of the information on the web sites to see if this is something you would like to try: IDPA or USPSA.  For this class we will be going through simple courses of fire.  You need to be comfortable shooting 9mm or larger calibers.  You will need an outside the waistband holster for your gun, on the belt magazine pouch, and at least two magazines (3 magazines are better). $65 for an hour.  Plan on 75 to 100 rounds of ammunition.  Smith&Wesson M&P 9mm Pro is available for rental with holster and magazine pouch provided if needed $20 per session.

Looking to Get Started? Here are some options.

Intro to gun handling and shooting This is an hour and a half long course that will help you learn how to safely handle a firearm. It teaches you the safety mechanisms, how to load, unload, and handle a gun safely.  This class is both classroom and range time.  20 rounds of ammunition and firearm use are included in the price. Cost $85