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The Pistol Permit process here in CT is subject to change at anytime.  With that said, please trust but verify what you find on this page.  The most up to date information will be on the CT DESPP page, here is the link

The process begins in your town or city. You will need to go to the local police station or town hall and pick up your "Pistol Permit Application Package".  It's basically the same in each town. The one difference is that the cover letter will be different.

On the package they will explain the required information and what all the fees are.  Because this is unique to each town, some towns/cities ask for more then what the state requires.  

If you are concerned about eligibility you should check out the state website.

One of the requirements that I can help you with is that you will need to take a safety class.  to see upcoming classes, click here.  If you don't see a date that works for you, grab a few of your friends and we can set a custom date for you.