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winter Hours of operation:

Range and Classroom Time

NEW DAY! Wednesday!!

Wednesday - Open at 9:00 AM  Closed at 4:30 PM
Thursday -  Open at 9:00 AM  Closed at 4:30 PM
Friday - Open at 9:00 AM Closed at 4:30 PM
Saturday -  Open at 9:00 AM  Closed at 4:30 PM

Group Pistol Permit Classes are held on demand
You plus 3-5 of your friends can schedule a one 8 hour day class 
OR you can do two 4 hours classes.
email me at for more info.

We work on an outdoor range. Dress appropriately.
As long as we can get to the range we can shoot.
Winter is also a great time to work on your dry fire practice.


A Great Start Shooting School

Teaching Safety is my aim - One on one Coaching or small group classes - Pistol Permit Class